what she says: i’m fine

what she means: I’m staring into a lightless abyss. Steve Roger’s unconditional loyalty to Bucky Barnes has made me a shell of a human being; the fact that Bucky saved Steve’s life without even really knowing who he was has crushed my soul. If you’re not here to talk to me about the winter soldier, don’t talk to me at all. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.

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chris evans - for flaunt magazine

The photoshoot where Chris Evans looks like a truckstop hooker is an important part of

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You're my mission.

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  • other girls:straight hair, nice makeup, short skirts, fashion, cheerleading, high heels
  • me:short hair, combat boots, smudged makeup, cargo pants, face mask, metal arm, over 2 dozen confirmed kills in the past 50 years. i am the winter soldier.
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"Loki, in his heart, wants to be worthy. And the way he achieves that worthiness, the way he achieves his redemption, his salvation, is to ultimately sacrifice himself for Thor and for Jane. It’s a very cathartic, and moving moment; by saving his brother’s life and avenging his mother’s death."

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until the end of the line

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OKAY I HAVE LOKI FEELINGS NOW you were right Tumblr, have this super emo drawing from me


OKAY I HAVE LOKI FEELINGS NOW you were right Tumblr, have this super emo drawing from me

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"To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence." 

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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Partners. Or something like that.

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